*Current Response to Hurricane Florence*

As Hurricane Florence barrels toward the North and South Carolina coasts, Save the Children is deploying an emergency response team to the Carolinas in advance of this potentially devastating storm.

The team arrived yesterday and is ready to support the urgent needs of children and families as quickly as possible should Florence wreak havoc. We are also mobilizing our pre-positioned infant and toddler supplies closer to where families may need them.

Jeanne-Aimée De Marrais Senior Advisor, US Emergencies, US Programs, and Advocacy loads up purchased baby supplies to be distributed in shelters for evacuees of Hurricane Harvey on Sunday, August 27, 2017.

Today, in preparing for the worst, we’re alerting supporters like you who have been by our side in past emergencies and recognize the need to act quickly to protect the most vulnerable – children. Last year’s punishing hurricane season reinforced the importance of Save the Children’s unique role as the national leader in child-focused disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. That work has served more than 200,000 children and adult caregivers to date.  This time, once again, with your support, we will be there to protect children.

While the storm’s track is still uncertain, the powerful Category 4 hurricane could pummel parts of the U.S. east coast nearest to landfall with waves up to 15 feet high and up to 30 inches of rain in some inland locations – which could lead to catastrophic damage and lasting impacts in children’s lives.

Our staff is also coordinating with our national partner agencies in preparation to immediately support children’s needs and well-being. And, on Monday, we began providing parents and children’s caregivers with information on how to talk to their children about the hurricane, how to reassure them, plan for evacuation and pack preparedness kits to help keep children and families safe.

Save the Children has long-term programs and partners in South Carolina, where we deliver early childhood development and literacy activities that benefit over 5,000 girls and boys each year.  We are in touch with our partners now and we will help them assess and respond to families’ needs.

We will be closely monitoring Florence’s track and potential impact areas. We will update you with further developments as they become available.

Thank you, as always, for your compassion and support for children at risk. You make our work possible.

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