Upcoming Events

Student Ambassador Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, March 28– 7 PM
Special Guest Speaker: Brad Kerner
Cold Spring Harbor High School
in the junior high library
 Click here for more information
Tuesday, March 14  or  April 4
Volunteer at a Preschool:
12:30pm- 3:15pm
AFTER you speak to your parent/guardian and know for sure you can come
Please follow this link to choose your best date.
Thursday,  April 207 PM
Movie Awareness/Fundraiser
“Living on a Dollar”
Cold Spring Harbor High School
Saturday, April 22 
Volunteer at TriCYA to Make Hands with Children:
12:30- 2:30 in Huntington Station
Deadline to bring in Hands :  May 1 
Week of May 22:
Consider having a bake sale or event at your school
for Red Nose Day
Get other kids/clubs involved
A Saturday Date to be confirmed 
Summer Restock Food Drive:
Stop and Shop, Huntington